About Our Program

The PWC Connecticut Chapter works with local Southern New England colleges to pair college students with mentors in the construction profession. Through the mentorship program, students are provided the opportunity to interact with a professional in the field of the student’s interest exposing them to experiences beyond what they are learning in the classroom and from text books. The student mentees are invited to visit a site under construction and/or visit the mentor’s professional workplace. In addition to the exposure of these invaluable real-life construction and industry experiences, the mentees are encouraged to attend (without charge) programs and events offered by PWC-CT and meet industry leaders providing potential employment contacts for both the students and PWC-CT members.


“The PWC Mentor Program has been very effective in fostering mentorships that evolve into internships and eventually into full-time careers. The Program's success has not only developed a tight friendship between the three of us, but has provided us with rewarding careers.”

Holly Linder, Rebecca Feldman, Pedro Martinez | BL Companies

“Having been involved with this program I can truthfully say it has been the best decision I have made during my time at college. My mentor has assisted me with critiquing my resume, providing firsthand knowledge of his work experience, and giving me the opportunity to do some on the job training.”

Jordan Chicano | Student

“Halfway through the semester Sarah brought me to my very first construction site—a parking garage project in Norwalk, CT—where I put on a hard hat, yellow vest and safety goggles and received my first real lesson on construction… PWC has had a very real and lasting impact on my career path, and I encourage students to join!”

Isabel Lynch | LEED GA, E.I.T

“This one-on-one experience with someone currently in the field heavily influenced my decisions about what I wanted to do for my internship, my plans following undergraduate graduation, and what I wanted to pursue in this field – something I could not find within a campus organization. ”

Holly Linder | Student

“The program provides an unparalleled level of transparency into the ACE industry in the New England area. Anyone who has been involved in these industries knows how important professional relationships and networking is to a successful career. ”

Justin Liquori | Student

“There are no words to describe my appreciation to the PWC –they had made my dreams come true! They gave me an opportunity to succeed in the construction industry, which is a challenging world for a woman. It was through this Program that I began to build the all-important relationships that are necessary to succeed in the business world.”

Irina Makucha | Student

Student Requirements

Open to all college students enrolled in the following areas of study: architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, engineering, construction management, and other construction related fields.

Mentor Requirements

PWC-CT members working in the professional fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, engineering, and construction.

Contact us to learn more

Jennifer Marks | 203.608.2507

PWC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1980. Contributions are tax deductible.

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