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Mentorship Matters – Three Generations of PWC-CT Mentees


December 22, 2021

PWC Ct Mentees

Photo (L-R): Holly Linder, EIT, Rebecca Feldman, Pedro Martinez, EIT

The PWC Connecticut Chapter works with local Southern New England colleges to pair college students with mentors in the construction profession. Through the mentorship program, students are provided the opportunity to interact with a professional in the field of the student’s interest exposing them to experiences beyond what they are learning in the classroom and from text books. The student mentees are invited to visit a site under construction and/or visit the mentor’s professional workplace. In addition to the exposure of these invaluable real-life construction and industry experiences, the mentees are encouraged to attend (without charge) programs and events offered by PWC-CT and meet industry leaders providing potential employment contacts for both the students and PWC-CT members.

The below testimonial comes from Holly Linder, EIT of BL Companies and highlights the value of this program.

“My PWC CT mentorship journey began in Fall 2014 when I was fortunate enough to be mentored by a BL employee. What started as meetings and site visits progressed into a summer internship. After several summers of productive internships, I accepted a full-time position with the company. The success of my mentorship inspired me to become a mentor within PWC.

My protégé, Pedro, had attended various PWC monthly panel dinners and was hired as a BL intern, in which I was assigned as his mentor. Pedro’s positive internship led to full-time employment as well! Pedro and I continued to pay it forward by mentoring more students, and we met Becky.

After a few office visits and a successful interview, Becky was hired as a summer intern at BL! Following graduation, Becky accepted a full-time position amidst the pandemic, which was easier to adjust to with her built-in mentors guiding her. The success of the PWC Mentor Program has not only developed this tight friendship between the three of us but has provided us with rewarding careers. I highly recommend any student considering a job in the construction industry to fill out an application.”

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